Latest Kitchen Lighting Trends

You can bring life into the design of your kitchen by introducing the latest kitchen lighting trends which will serve to enhance the style and features of your kitchen. this article seeks to discuss some of the amazing trends you can incorporate in your kitchen so as to make it more vibrant.

Kitchen Pendant Lights1. CHANDELIER PENDANTS

When it comes to lighting your kitchen, you should think about the function and style. For instance, chandeliers tend to complement a kitchen’s vintage design. Furthermore, due to the chandelier’s big size, the kitchen will be brightly illuminated such that all its eccentric features are properly brought out.

Kitchen Pendant Lights22. ZONE LIGHTING

this is a modern lighting trend which involves the use of pendant fixtures together with recessed lighting. The best part about recessed lighting is the act that it is usually adjustable and therefore you can easily control the brightness. this feature is especially favourable to people with eyestrain as they can always reduce the lighting in their favour.


Since traditional light bulbs are slowly phasing out of the interior design market, it is recommended that you invest in the installation of LED technology. Unlike the traditional bulbs, LED has limitless applications. not only can it be used on chandeliers but also wall sconces and any other contemporary design which highlights LED’s versatility.


Oversized fixtures have recently become popular when it comes to kitchen lighting. Do not be hesitant to go for a fixture that will make a statement in your kitchen. An application of it could be at the eating area whereby it will act as the focal point of your kitchen’s middle.


Wall sconces,overhead lighting, decorative pendants and lighted cabinetry enhance the traditional look of a kitchen with an open layout. the bright lighting also complements the cleanliness of the room hence brings about the illusion of a sparkling place.

cabinet lighting6. SHOWCASE LIGHTING

This is a trend which involves installing light fixtures on cabinets with glass doors. it also features a recessed form of lighting which highlights:
a. The cabinet lighting
b. Elegant cabinetry
c. The bar sink


This is one of the latest kitchen lighting trends whereby top cabinets around the kitchen are fitted with lighting. This trend is especially sophisticated as the light will complement the cabinetry lines hence highlight the space’s open layout.


This involves the lighting of the under cabinets in your kitchen. Consequently, the features and overall look of the sink and the wet bar area will be accentuated, bringing about an ambience fit for your cooking area.


Before you decide on the type of kitchen lighting trend that you would like to incorporate into your kitchen, it is important to understand your kitchen design so as to know what will work best for it. Some common kitchen designs include:
a. The open layout. This design usually works well with most lighting trends. However, you should be careful so as to ensure that the colour schemes do not clash. A recommended design for this layout would be the ‘Modern Centerpiece’.
b. The L-Shaped layout
c. The U-Shaped layout

All layouts go with specific lighting trends therefore take your time to research!

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